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I bet you can guess what I’m doing today – embellishing more horseshoes.  I’m giving some as Christmas gifts and have offered to donate others to a few worthy animal rescue sites.  Now that I’ve done a few of them and gotten the hang of it, I’m going to make the next group with gemstone beads.  I have a few more glass-beaded ones to finish, and then, it’s on to the holistic stones!  That is always fun, especially when I study their metaphysical properties before choosing gemstone beads for a new project.

If they are well received, I will continue to make them into the new year.  If not, I’ll go on to something else.  It’s nice to have options.  These things are fun, because you are never completely sure how they will turn out until you finish the last bead, wire, charm, and hanger.  If you want to make your own, they are simple, but labor intensive, and you need a good stash of beads.  Luckily, they don’t have to match, so this is a good orphan bead project.

If you don’t like tedious hand work, but want to bring yourself some luck into the New Year in a beautiful way, I’ve listed a few on Etsy.

You can view them at

For those of you who decorate horse shoes, I would like to see your finished ones.  These things fascinate me; especially since I get mine from a farrier…supposedly worn shoes have the best luck.  These have all been on a horse before finding a new life as am upcycled house or barn decoration.  Tradition has it that if a bride is given a lucky horse shoe as a wedding gift, her household will enjoy good luck, health, and prosperity.  I’m almost finished with a pink one, a gift for a breast cancer survivor.

Don’t forget to mount them with the opening skyward so you can gather and store all the good luck.  If you hang them with the opening down, your luck will fall out (but hopefully stay in the house).  There is no requirement to decorate shoes as these are; any used horseshoe will do.  They are beautiful in their natural state without any frills.