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PRODUCT REVIEW -Cecelia Swatton’s Steampunk Mega Image Collection

I recently made steampunk jewelry using Cecilia Swatton’s totally awesome steampunk image collection. Talk about an attention-getter, this one did it! I give it an A++ both for quality and for value. You can indulge all your steampunk creative needs, and each image is 300 dpi for crisp, beautiful clarity (we’ve all purchased those low density collage sheets from other artists and been disappointed – not with THIS monster collection).  Then, I decorated a horseshoe, using Cecilia’s images.

It’s hard to describe all of the goodies included for only $15 – you have to see it to believe it. This one has it all. There are even silly steampunk images. Since it is a digital download, it is available to you immediately without having to wait to arrive by mail, and there’s no postage to pay! In addition to the hundreds of images, Cecilia also includes full collage sheets, ATC background paper, and ATCs and greeting cards ready to print and use.

To read more and see more of this mega-collection, check out Cecilia’s blog at

To purchase the steampunk mega-collection, visit or

Get ready for compliments on your art work.

I’m so enamored with this collection, I’ll send you a pair of steampunk earrings using images from this download for $1, the cost of postage and handling. E-mail me at for more information. Offer is limited.




Welcome to Heliotrope Studio!  An art studio needs a name, so I chose heliotrope because it is one of my favorite minerals.  Heliotrope is a semi precious gemstone (also known as bloodstone), composed of  quartz and jasper.   Though there are color variations, the classic heliotrope is deep green with red spots or inclusions.

In addition to making jewelry, I enjoy paper, fabric, metal crafts, altered, and assemblage art.  I have been a Humane Society volunteer for many years and donate art and jewelry to local rescue groups for fund-raising events.

If you love art and animals, we are truly soul mates.


PS  The word heliotrope is Greek and means something that  moves in response to the direction of the sun.  In that sense, I know many humans who are heliotropes as well!